WooCommerce / REST API

Discover how to easily use Wordpress API to connect to ours

1/ Before you begin

Some prerequisites

2/Connect API's with PHP

Samples for both API's

3/Integration Logic

Some basic functions you can reuse

4/PHP Code

A demo of what can be achieved

Before you begin...


This guide will explain how to connect a Wordpress WooCommerce 3.4 webshop with Stanley/Stella API to periodically synchronize the product referential.

The guide assumes that you are familiar with WooCommerce and that you already have your WooCommerce running.

It also requires a little bit of development knowledge in order to connect both systems.

In this guide, we will illustrate the integration in the PHP development environment but this could also be realized in any other modern development environment.

Please note that the PHP code provided in this document is for illustration purpose only.

Further technical explanation on the API can be found on this page.

Integration scenario Stanley/Stella API <> WooCommerce

Like a lot of ecommerce solutions, WooCommerce provides 2 ways to import product information:

At Stanley/Stella, our API provides these 2 capabilities as well. In this scenario, we chose to use the REST API on Stanley/Stella side and the REST API on WooCommerce side.

The integration logic in the middle has been developed in PHP.